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Baby Naming Ceremonies

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an increasingly popular ceremony to mark the birth of a child and a marvelous occasion to bring family and friends together to celebrate the gift of your child. I will design a service to fit your beliefs and values and will help you to choose the music, words and moments to mark this day. In the ceremony friends and relations are asked to declare their intentions to support the child as he or she develops over the years.

A typical Baby Naming Ceremony will last around 20 minutes and will contain special readings, poems music, promises and so forth. I will give you a beautiful selection of poems to choose from or you can select meaningful poems you have found elsewhere. A moving part of the ceremony occurs when the parents make personalised promises on how their child will be raised in terms of their hopes and dreams. I can help you write these and can offer sample promises. Grand parents and sponsors can also make them.

A Baby Naming Ceremony can take place in your own home or in any venue. If the family would like a small religious item to be included in the ceremony, such as a prayer or a blessing, I will accommodate this or any particular request. Children have been named for thousands of years and those who take part in a Baby Naming Ceremony are following a tradition that goes back to the dawn of humankind. A Baby Naming Ceremony may look like this:

· Welcome to the child

· Reading/Reflection/Poem/Music

· Announcing the name of the child

· Parents declaration of hopes for the future

· Promises of commitment from sponsors and grandparents

· Option of additional readings, music, poems or reflection

· Option of providing a gift for the child and explaining the gift

· Closing remarks and announcements

· Issuing of Baby Naming Certificate