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Scattering of Ashes

In the United Kingdom today over 70% of people opt to be cremated rather than buried.

A carefully developed and well presented ceremony in a Crematorium can be a very fitting way to say farewell to your loved one. For many, however, the problem arises when we bring the ashes home. What do we do with them?

The good news is that there is very little legislation which relates to the Scattering of Ashes in the UK. Very often it comes down to having permission from the person or the organisation that owns the land where you want to scatter the ashes.

There are many options for you to choose from. Make it Memorable will work with you to make sure you choose the option best suited to you and your family. We will also help create a dignified and memorable ceremony during which the ashes may be scattered or buried. It will be the service that you want and the service that you deserve.