How Your Civil Funeral Will Be Created

As someone who has a wealth of experience in working with families and organisations throughout the UK, often in the most trying of circumstances, I understand how to write, create and deliver the right ceremony for you.  My listening skills and pastoral sensitivity will reassure you that the right words will be said and in the right way. I will take good care of you. I know that every family is different and that sometimes there are complex family dynamics. Please be assured that your needs and your wishes are the most important thing to me.

My philosophy is simple: “To give families the service that they want and the service that they deserve”. Each family has different needs and that is why I create personal tributes which will reflect this uniqueness.  I want to give all families of faith, and of no faith, a high quality funeral service. I believe that families should have the best funeral service possible. Funerals are the last dignified public ceremony of our lives and everyone deserves to be spoken of well. That is why I ensure that every service is unique, beautifully written and delivered with eloquence. The funeral ceremony deserves to be the best that human skill can present. Nothing can take way from the shock of death, but a genuinely well prepared ceremony, that you have helped to create and that you have seen in advance, eases the pain.

I will ensure that the following Standards of Excellence are delivered to you:

  1. A phone call from me once I am notified by the Funeral Director about the funeral, so I can arrange a home visit or a visit at a place of your convenience.
  2. This home visit will normally take place within 24-48 hours or, in exceptional circumstances, within a few hours.
  3. A substantial chat/interview of 1-2 hours during which the many stories/facts from your loved one’s life will be written down.
  4. A draft version of the ceremony will be written up as soon as possible after the visit and emailed to you or someone in the family at least 24 hours before the service is due to take place, so that you can check the draft and make any changes.
  5. Your funeral service will be delivered in the most professional way, in the style and manner that is most fitting to your loved one.
  6. A memorial copy of the eulogy to be given to you on the day of the funeral.