How Your Funeral Might Look

You can structure your service in any way that you want but a typical Civil Funeral Service may contain all or some of the following elements:

  • Opening music – possibly a track from a CD of your choice or organ music
  • Opening words of welcome
  • Reading – poem, scripture, other secular passages (optional)
  • Singing of a hymn (optional)
  • Main tribute or Eulogy
  • Additional tributes or eulogies by family and friends (optional)
  • Moment of quiet reflection (sometimes accompanied by music of your choice)
  • Closing words of thanksgiving
  • Closing music

Please remember also that if you want or do not want certain things to happen please let me know and I will ensure that your wishes are met. For example:

  • The curtain at the crematorium not to be closed
  • No ‘line up’ of family at the end of the service

A Civil Funeral is special as it allows the family to get involved in the ceremony as much or as little as they want or feel that they will be able to do. You can also really personalise the service and if you wish to have some religious reference to meeting your loved one again one day, you can. Your needs, your wishes and your beliefs are the most important, not mine. I will create the right words, for you. After all, you know best.

I will ensure that you get the service that you want, and the service that you deserve.